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It is now possible to print marriage application forms in Portable Document Format(PDF). Adobe PDF files require Acrobat Reader software from Adobe Systems Inc.

The forms you print must be clear and sharp. Applications that are blurred or illegible will not be accepted. They must be printed in black print on white paper. The paper must be 8 1/2 inches by 1l inches, with no holes or perforations, at least medium (20 lb.) weight, and with a matte surface. Thermal paper, dye-sublimation paper, special inkjet paper, and other shiny papers are not acceptable.

Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® is free software that lets you view and print Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files.

•  I have the required software and paper.

The required marriage application forms are single-sided.

The following forms are available for printing. Failure to use the correct form will result in a delay in the issuance of your marriage license:

Application for Marriage License
Application for License and Certificate of Marriage

This form must be presented and signed and authorized by the Clerk of the Court or her designee to be examined under oath.

•  Some form of identification is required (Passports, ID with photo)

The available passport application forms are double-sided. Although the second pages require no data from the applicant, they contain important information and official legal statements and are a required part of the application form. They should be read before completing the form and must be submitted with the completed first page. Your application will not be accepted without the second page. This form must be printed on 2 pages.

The following forms are available for printing. Failure to use the correct form will result in a delay in the issuance of your passport:

DS-11: Application for Passport

This form must be presented and signed in person at an authorized passport acceptance facility.

You must use this form IF:

1. You have never had a U.S. passport,
2. You are under age 16,


3. If your most recent passport was lost or stolen. If you are applying because your passport was lost or stolen, you will also need to submit Form DS-64.

Please follow the instructions on the second page of the application.

DS-82: Application For Passport By Mail

(For Renewals Only) This form should be used for renewing a previously issued U.S. passport either by mail, or, in person at a Regional Passport Agency if you are traveling internationally, or need your passport for foreign visas, within 14 days. For a list of Passport Agencies, including their addresses and automated appointment telephone numbers, please click here. There are four criteria for using this form. Please use the following checklist to see if you are eligible to apply with a DS-82:

1. I can submit my most recent passport.

2. I was at least 16 years old when my most recent passport was issued.

3. I was issued my most recent passport less than 15 years ago.

NOTE: Instructions on the current application do not yet reflect this change. The form is scheduled to be replaced in the near future with one containing updated information, but, the old form may continue to be used.

4. I use the same name as on my most recent passport, OR, since my passport was issued, I have had my name changed by marriage or court order and can submit proper documentation to reflect my name change.

If you answered NO to any of the four statements above...STOP! You cannot use form DS-82!!! You must apply on application form DS-11.

Note: The second page (back) of the DS-82 gives a phone number to call for inquiries. This number has changed. If you have a question about the application process or want to know the status of a pending application, please call the:

National Passport Information Center
1-900-CALL-NPIC (1-900-225-5674)
35 cents/minute for Automated Service
$1.05/Minute for Operator Service
TDD: 1-900-225-7778

For Credit Card Users (Visa, Mastercard, American Express)
$4.95 Per Call
TDD: 1-888-498-3648

DS-19: Passport Amendment/Validation Application

This form should be used either in person or by mail,
Whenever a change in the printed information (e.g., a name-change) has occurred since your passport was printed;
To extend the validity of your limited passport; or
To add pages to your passport.

Note: that all DS-19 applications should be mailed to the following address:
(The application is currently being updated to reflect this change.)

Charleston Passport Center
Attention: Amendments
1269 Holland Street
Charleston, SC 29405

Other Important Information Regarding the DS-19:

THERE IS NO FEE TO HAVE A U.S. PASSPORT AMENDED. Your amended U.S. passport and any documentary evidence submitted will be returned to you via first-class mail. You will receive your amended passport within 5-6 weeks.

For faster processing, you may request Expedited Service. Expedite requests will be processed within three working days from receipt at the Charleston Passport Center. The fee for expedited service is $35. Enclose the $35 expedite fee in the form of a personal check or money order. All fees should be payable to the "U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE." Do not send cash. Expedited Service is available only in the United States. Please write "EXPEDITE" in lower left corner of the mailing envelope.

If you desire overnight return delivery, include appropriate postage fees or a pre-paid overnight return envelope. NOTE: Passports will NOT be mailed to private addresses outside of the United States.

QUESTIONS should be directed to the National Passport Information Center at 1-900-225-5674 (TDD 1-900-225-7778) or with V, MC, or AmEx 1-888-362-8668 (TDD 1-888-498-3648). There is a fee for this self-funded service.

DS-64: Statement Regarding Lost Or Stolen Passport

This form should be submitted along with the DS-11 Application for Passport and brought with you when you go in person to apply for a new passport if your previous passport has been lost or stolen.

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