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Marriage license Laws in the state of Rhode Island, here is what you need to bring with you, and what you need to know about the Rhode Island marriage laws before applying for the Rhode Island marriage license or civil union license application.

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Marriage License in Rhode Island

Much of the information below is state law, however this information can change from county to county. We recommend contacting your County Clerk's Office before applying for your marriage license.

Individuals marrying or forming a civil union in Rhode Island must apply for a license at a city or town clerk's office. State law restricts the ability of cities and towns to issue these licenses statewide. The license is valid for three months after the issuance date. The ceremony must take place in the presence of the officiant (the person performing the marriage or civil union) and two witnesses age 18 or older.

What You Should Do?
Go to the correct city or town clerk office

Both partners must apply for the license in person and sign the application in the presence of a city or town clerk or assistant. Please be sure to contact the city or town office where you will apply for the license to verify their requirements and hours open to the public.

Provide required identification and legal documents

Both partners are responsible for presenting:

Pay for the license

Marriage and civil union licenses cost $24.

Solemnization of Marriage:

The solemnization of marriage shall be in the presence of at least two witnesses (who have reached the age of majority), in addition to the officiant at the marriage.

Proxy Marriages:

No. Both parties must be present.

Same Sex Marriage: Yes.

Common Law Marriage:


Cousin Marriage:

Yes. A man can not marry his aunt, but can marry his cousin. A woman, by the way, may marry her uncle providing she is Jewish.


Everyone who has been, or is, the minister of any society professing to meet for religious purposes, or incorporated for the promotion of such purposes, and holding stated and regular services, and who has been ordained according to the customs and usages of such society may perform marriages.

Ministers must obtain a license from the city or town clerk before performing marriages. Ministers must endorse and return the marriage license to the town or city clerk in which the marriage was performed.


License is valid for 90 days.
The license can only be used within the State of Rhode Island.

Name Change:

Getting a marriage license with your new name on it does not mean your name has automatically changed. If you need to change your last name, you can use an online marriage name change kit.

Copy of Certificate of Marriage:

Division of Vital Records
Rhode Island Department of Health
3 Capitol Hill, Room 101
Providence, RI 02908-5097
Phone: (401) 222-2811

Please Note: State and county marriage license requirements often change. The above information is for guidance only and should not be regarded as legal advice.

It is important that you verify all information with your local marriage license office or county clerk before making any wedding or travel plans.

To notify us of corrections or additions send an email to  Please include the state and county information.

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Rhode Island County Clerk's Office

Barrington Town Hall
Barrington, RI
401. 247. 1900

Bristol Town Hall
Bristol, RI
401. 253. 7000

Burriville Town Hall
Harrisville, RI
401. 568. 4300

Central Falls City Hall
Central Falls, RI
401. 727. 7400

Charlestown Town Hall
Charlestown, RI
401. 364. 1200

Coventry Town Hall
Coventry, RI
401. 822. 9173

Cranston City Hall
Cranston, RI
401. 461. 1000 ext. 3197

Cumberland Town Hall
Cumberland, RI
401. 728. 2400 ext. 38

East Greenwich Town Hall
East Greenwich, RI
401. 886. 8604

East Providence City Hall
East Providence, RI
401. 435. 7596

Exeter Town Hall
Exeter, RI
401. 294. 3891

Foster Town Hall
Foster, RI
401. 392. 9200

Glocester Town Hall
Chepachet, RI
401. 568. 6206

Hopkinton Town Hall
Hopkinton, RI
401. 377. 7777

Jamestown Town Hall
Jamestown, RI
401. 423. 7200

Johnston Town Hall
Johnston, RI
401. 553. 8830

Lincoln Town Hall
Lincoln, RI
401. 333. 1100

Little Compton Town Hall
Little Compton, RI
401. 635. 4400

Middletown Town Hall
Middletown, RI
401. 847. 0009

Narragansett Town Hall
Narragansett, RI
401. 789. 1044

New Shoreham Town Hall
Block Island, RI
401. 466. 3200

Newport City Hall
Newport, RI
401. 846. 9600

North Kingstown Town Hall
North Kingstown, RI
401. 294. 3331

North Providence Town Hall
North Providence, RI
401. 232. 0900

North Smithfield Town Hall
latersville, RI
401. 767. 2200

Pawtucket City Hall
Pawtucket, RI
401. 728. 0500 ext. 225

Portsmouth Town Hall
Portsmouth, RI
401. 683. 2101

Providence City Hall
Providence, RI
401. 421. 7740

Richmond Town Hall
Wyoming, RI
401. 539. 2497

Scituate Town Hall
North Scituate, RI
401. 647. 2822

Smithfield Town Hal
Esmond, RI
401. 233. 1000

South Kingstown Town Hall
Wakefield, RI
401. 789. 9331

Tiverton Town Hall
Tiverton, RI
401. 625. 6700

Warren Town Hall
Warren, RI
401. 245. 7340

Warwick City Hall
Warwick, RI
401. 738. 2000 ext. 6212

West Greenwich Town Hall
West Greenwich, RI
401. 392. 3800

West Warwick Town Hall
West Warwick, RI
401. 822. 9200

Westerly Town Hall
Westerly, RI
401. 348. 2506

Woonsocket City Hall
Woonsocket, RI
401. 762. 6400 ext. 135


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